Visual Interpretation Four Period Four


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This flooring is resilient since it is made out of rubber, and it does get scratched or stained. The little bumps add texture to the flooring as to prevent people from slipping.

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This flooring is non-resilient since it is polished concrete and can be scratched and stained. The polished finish makes it easier to wipes up spills, but the surface can still be dinged.

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Wall to Wall Carpet

This living  room has wall to wall carpet, as the carpeting installed cover the entire floor of the room, and thus goes from wall to wall.

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Area Rug

This living room has two examples of area rugs, one, the sisal grass rug, is layered underneath the other, the geometric shag rug. These area rugs are placed on top of hardwood.

Wall Coverings:

Caitlin Wilson Street of Dreams Project: Pink Bedroom Reveal |


This bathroom has a wall covered in decorative floral wallpaper, giving this wall emphasis and making it seem larger, as it is a piece of art on its own.

New look in the living room - Stylizimo blog:


This walls of this living room, although entirely covered in paint, contain one wall that is a different color. Though subtle, the different color of this accent wall draws the eye to it. emphasising it.

JAS Design Build - bathrooms: gray crown molding base boards, wall moldings, gray decorative wall moldings, oval pivot mirror, marble slab washstand, marble basketweave tile floor.:


This bathroom has painted wooden paneling on its walls, which not only gives the wall architectural interest, but it also adds a touch of luxury to this bathroom as wood paneling is usually more expensive.

Ceiling Treatment:

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This room as a tray ceiling, as the ceiling is separated by beams into individual trays. This ceiling treatment gives the room architectural interest and draws the eyes up to the ceiling, giving the room more height.

Window Treatments:

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This window has balloon shades, which balloon up on the bottom when they are tied up by the attached window ties in order to allow light in through the window.

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Vertical Blinds

This large window has vertical blinds, which can be pulled all the way to one side to allow in all the light from the window, the vertical lines of the blinds add height to the room.

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These shades on the windows above the sink in this kitchen as roman shades, which are pulled up from the bottom and fold up as they are are towards the top of the window.

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These are tie back drapes which are shades that touch the ground and are pulled back and away from the window by ties or other types of tiebacks.

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This window has cafe curtains, which are held by a curtain rod and only cover the bottom half of the window, they are common in kitchens, and allow light come through the top of the window.

Window Styles:

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This is an awning window, which opens out with hinges from the top. This window looks like an awning when open and allows for the window to be open when its raining, as rain can roll of the window.

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This is a bay window, and it projects out from the geometric shape, allowing for light to come in both from the front of the window, but also from the sides of the projected window.

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This is a hopper window which opens out with hinges of the bottom. These are common above interior doors to let light and air flow between rooms with the door closed.

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These are a trapezoid windows, which follow the shape of the house and roof. These windows are geometrically shaped and fit the the triangular shape of the wall.


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Both the sconce and the chandelier are examples of structural lighting as they are both built in. They both don’t have any visual cords running to an electrical outlet, as they are connected to the wires inside the walls.

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The sconce and the floor lamp are both good examples of non-structural lighting, as both are not built in to the wall, and both have external electrical cords that need to be plugged into the wall.


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In thus room we see several accessories, including the various decorations on the bookcase, including picture frames, planets and small sculptured art pieces. The coffee table the side table also have several decorative pieces on them. The small ottomans are also accessories in this room that function as extra seating.


Rose Quartz and Lilac Grey, the Colours Pintrest is Going Crazy For | Home | The Debrief:


This living room also has decorative accessories such as accent pillows and throw blankets on the couch and decorative pieces such as a cactus and art print of the table behind the couch. The coffee table also has decorative pieces on it including another plant.