Visual Interpretation Three Period Four

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International Architecture

This is Kendall Jenner’s new house, which displays international architecture. The house has many boxy and geometric shapes, while also being made out of industrial materials such as concrete, glass, and iron frames. This house is a modern addition to the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, and the flat roof has a roof deck with a gorgeous view.


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Craftsman Architecture

This upscale home in Vancouver has a distinctly craftsman style. Although it is a modern rendition, this house is still true to its roots with its incorporation of natural materials like the natural stone foundation and pillars, and the wood shingles on the side of the house. This craftsman house also has a low pitched gable roof which is a distinct characteristic of the craftsman style.


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Cape Cod Architecture

This house has a cape cod style with dormers, and inspiration from the traditional colonial style. This house it two stories with a steeply pitched gable roof with dormers to add more space and to house windows for light. The doorway is also central making the balance of the house symmetrical.

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Spanish Architecture

This mansion was  built with a Spanish style, as seen by its many features influenced by old world Mediterranean and Iberian peninsular styles. The red cylindrical tiled roof, arched windows and doorways, iron railing and window panes, and cream stucco walls define this house as Spanish.


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Rococo Furniture

This chair dipslays the french style called rococo very well. In response to baroque, rococo pieces were made more delicate and less decorated, as seen in this simply designed chair with straight legs and small carvings. This chair  also has a pastel color scheme of baby blue fabric and light milk washed wood, common with others from the rococo period.

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Art Nouveau Furniture

This chair exhibits the art nouveau style, popular at the beginning of the 1900’s. Art nouveau has a very decorative flowery design aesthetics, as represented in the embossed leather and carved wood of this chair. The overall shape and outline of the chair, with its curving lines  and diagonal supports continues the art nouveau influence.

Image result for Milo Baughman Art Deco Club Chair

Art Deco Furniture

Art deco was a more streamlined and geometric style period than that of art nouveau. Diagonal lines that created patterns and shapes, especially those that radiated out like sun rays, as seen in the design of the back cushion, were very popular during when this style en vogue. The vertical lines created by metal bars supporting the chair continued this geometric theme seen with art deco.

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Bauhaus Furniture

Bauhaus style, originated from a German school of design, used a lot of tubular metal in their design, while focusing on the utilitarian aspect of the piece. This chair is very simple as to serve its purpose, but still has some aesthetic presence with the metal tubes that were curved in a continuous loop. This chair has simple lines and curves, fitting well with the Bauhaus style.

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Modern Furniture

This chair is a very good example of the modern style, with its complex geometric metal base, and molded plastic seat. The transparent pink acrylic in a very modern material, and a modern process was used to mold it into the shape of a chair. Supported by what seems like very thin chrome tubes, the chair feels very airy as you can literally see through it, taking up very little visual space, a very modern concept.


Einfamilienhaus in der Abendämmerung

Gable Roof

This house has a gable roof, as it is a two sided steeply pitched roof that meets at a “gable” or the point where the two sides of the roof meet at the top of the house. The sides of the house where the meet the gable roof has a triangular shape as to match the point of the gable. The sides where the gable roof slopes down has a wide overhang.



Gambrel Roof

A Gambrel roof is a modification of the gable roof, in that is has two sides, both those ides are split into two different faces, which have different degrees of slope. The top “gable park of the roof, is fairly steeply pitched, but not as steeply pitched as the almost vertical lower sections of this gambrel roof. The front face of this house also has a similar triangular shape, but it is modified to fit the shape of the roof, giving the house a barn like feel.



Shed Roof

This house has a shed roof, named as it is the most common roof found on sheds, and it is the simplest roof. The taller portion of the house has a steeply pitched shed roof, which has just one side that slopes, so that rain and snow can slide off. The shorter part of the house also has a shed roof, and if they were connected and had the same slope to their sides, it could be considered a gable roof, but they are not connected, and one roof side is steeper than the other.


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