Visual Interpretation Two Interior Design Period Four


Symmetrical Balance

This wall has symmetrical balance because the of the pair of identical armchairs. They also have the same pillows on them and a symmetrical flower art above the chairs on the wall. This symmetrical wall gives the room a formal feel, balancing out the asymmetry of the decorative items on the coffee table


Asymmetrical Balance

This room has an asymmetrical balance balance because both sides of the room are different. On one side of the couch there is a side table with a lamp, and two sitting chairs are also on that side of the room. On the opposite side of the room there is one swinging chair and plant. There are also two different rugs that overlap, but each one is predominately on each side of the room. This asymmetry gives the room an informal and relaxed feeling.



the emphasis on this wall is the boldly patterned and brightly colored couch. The large floral print in vibrant colors on the fabric of the upholstered couch draws the eye to it. Drawing the eye to the couch makes this wall seem more important and as the focus of the room.


Good Scale

This small room has good scale because it contains small furniture. The small loveseat is a perfect alternative to a large sectional or sofa, since this room appears to be very small. Ths small coffee tables also fit well into the room because they can be pulled part to become smaller pieces. The small art pieces on the wall are also in good scale to the small room since small rooms have small walls and the fit the wall well. The good scale in this room makes the room actually look bigger even though the furniture is small.




Good Proportion

This room has good proportion in that is displays elements of the golden mean of 2/3. The wall in this room is split up into 3 sections, 2 of which are the shelves, and the third being the couch. This breakup of the wall into three sections lend itself to having a pleasing proportion of the selves taking up 2/3 of the wall. This good proportion makes for an aesthetically pleasing space that isn’t just cut in half by 1/2 proportions.



This room has harmony in that is has variety and unity represented in it. There is unity between all of the pink/orchid colored items such as the book on the coffee table, the flowers on the pillow, and the art print. There is variety in this room with the differing textures and materials, from the gold metal legs of the coffee table, to the faux fur of the pillows, and to the glass of the round mirror above the couch. This harmony create balance between the things that are similar and different in this room.


Structural Design

This room has structural design because it has exposed brick walls. These brick walls have a physical texture that is rough and bumpy. The floors also have structural design because they have textured lines and the floor isn’t perfectly smooth. The shag rug in the center of the room also has structural deign in that it has a soft and nubby texture.


Naturalistic Decorative Design

The wallpaper in this room is an example of a naturalistic decorative design, because the leaves and plants printed on it look realistic and as they would look in nature. The natural looking leaves give the room a tropical, lush and earthy feeling, which can be both calming and energizing, as is with being outside amongst nature.


Stylized Decorative Design

This geometric bear decal on the wall of this room is a good example of stylized decorative design. the shape is recognizable as a bear, which can be found in nature, but it does not look exactly as a bear would outdoors. The geometric shapes and lines that make up the shape of the bear make it stylistic. This design gives the room a combo of having something inspired by nature while also being a in an abstract form, which makes for an interesting and pleasing addition to the room.


Abstract Decorative Design

This room contains an abstract decorative design, evident in the art design above the pink couch. This abstract print does not look like anything found in nature and does not represent anything found in nature. The abstract print is made up of several shapes and colors to create its overall design. This abstract design gives the room an artistic feel.

“This starburst mirror represents a great accomplishment. Before I moved to Maui I worked as an interior designer. I have ALWAYS wanted this mirror, but it was out of my price range. When I started Pandeia, my line of compass sundial watches, I used the memory of this mirror as a source for my logo inspiration. Once Pandeia took off and I finally had a little extra change I splurged on this mirror. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my growth and accomplishments in business.”:

Rhythm: Radiation

The rhythm radiation is created by lines that flow out from center point, just like how the “rays” of this sunburst mirror spread outwards from the center, or the actual mirror. The lines coming out from the center draw the eye to the center of the art piece which makes the overall mirror look larger than it actually is.

Peach-white wall gradation  2Day Languages school in Valencia by Masquespacio:

Rhythm: Gradation

This room has a rhythm of gradation because it has ombre walls. The bottom of the walls near the floor are a peachy pinker color which get light land lighter the farther up the wall, you go. This draws the eye up the wall giving the illusion of height like a tall ceiling.

A Cheery Midwestern Home Dedicated to Keeping Spirits High | Design*Sponge:

Rhythm: Repetition

The repetition of the round cut end of the logs in the fireplace create the rhythm of repetition. This creates an emphasis out of the fireplace as the eye is drawn towards the repetition of the circles created by the ends of the logs which fill the space inside the fireplace.



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