Painting for Color Scheme


Interior Design: Visual Interpretation One Period Four


A Room that is Me

This room is me because I love both bright colors and geometric shapes and patterns. I also find balance refreshing, from the round polka dots on the wall joining curved line with black and white, to sharp triangular and trapezoidal shapes in vibrant colors on the bedspread.


Vertical Lines

the vertical lines in their entryway can be found in the wood paneling on the wall, and in the tall hurricanes on the shelf. These vertical lines make the ceiling of the entryway seem a lot higher than than actually are, adding height and space. This creates an airy and grand feel for the space.


Horizontal Lines

The horizontal lines in this living room can be found in the low couch and the horizontal shelf running across created by an outward extension to the wall. These horizontal lines create a space of restfulness and informality, which might even seem inviting enough to make you want to sleep on the couch!


The happy home of Marij Hessel volume II:

Curved Lines

There are curved lines in this living room, evident in the round rug on the floor, the collection of round coffee tables in the center, and the round mirror and plate on the shelf above the couch. although in such muscular textures of raw wood and sisal, all these pieces add feminine touches, due to their curvy characteristic. These curved lines also soften the hard edges of the room and the linear forms of the shelf and couch.

Pop Scott - Fiddleleaf Fig:

Diagonal Line

The diagonals lines in this room can be found in the triangular and geometrics prints on both the plant pot and on the pillow. These diagonal lines give a sense of excitement and the feeling of movement. This feeling of excitement and movement from the diagonal lines on these pieces, gives the space and the room energy and vibrance.

Thick Vertical Stripe? ALWAYS a good idea. Tutorial for perfect paint lines on Vintage Revivals!!:

One Shape and One Form

The coral rectangle painted on this wall is two dimensional and thus a shape. The Tall shape gives a splash of color on otherwise bland walls, and since the shape is taller than it is wide, it gives height to the ceiling.  The yellow upholstered love seat at the base of the shape is the form, since it is three dimensional, and anchors the items gathered around it.

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your home:

Form Follows Function

These re purposed and repainted desk chairs are very functional places to sit, therefore function comes before form. After being repainted vibrant colors, they now look like interesting forms, but they still hold true to the purpose that they were made for, to be sat in by a student.

Coffee Table Styling:

Variety of Textures

This room has a variety of textures including a deep pile shag rug, which is soft and plush. The marble coffee tap top is smooth and cold, playing nicely off the cozy rug. There is also a dark rattan basket under the coffee table which has a rough and nubby texture, since it is made of natural materials.

New home deco trend: monochromatic scheme:

Monochromatic Room

This room has a monochromatic theme, with varying hues of blue throughout the room. This color has a very calming effect as it reminds people of blue skies and calm oceans. Giving the people the feeling of being outside with the sky and the ocean can be very relaxing, but it is not the most cozy and warm feeling that being inside a house affords you.

Tour the Chic Home Office of House of Harper's Leading Lady:

Analogous Color Scheme

This room has an analogous color scheme evident in the use of the colors orange, red, and pink (although not on the color wheel I considered it a color between red and purple.) While both the red and orange can be seen as warm colors, the pink is a little bit cooler, giving the room a vibrant, yet balanced feel.

yellow and pink interior / living room... I had a purple bathroom once, I miss…:

Complementary Color Scheme

This room has both purple and yellow pieces, notably the purple walls and the yellow couch, making it a complementary color scheme. Purple is exactly opposite from yellow on the color wheel, and gives a balance of color to the room. Although both colors lean towards the warmer side, a slightly pink purple, a goldenrod yellow leaning towards orange, the colors compliment each other well.

Get the Look: Bright White Spaces:

Warm Color Scheme

This kitchen has a warm color scheme, although it is mainly white. The bright red orange stools add the warmth to the otherwise neutral kitchen, along with the red and orange flowers and various kitchen appliances, like the red mixer and orange dishes on the shelves. These warm colors add warmth to the kitchen, a place of cooking and food consumption.

Hague Blue Built Ins // Trellis Drum Shade // Abstract Artwork // Purple Area…:

Cool Color Scheme

This room has a cool color scheme which enconmpasses the colors purple and blue. These colors give the room a relaxing and cool feel, making stress and heat feel far away. Even the bookcase is painted in a cool dark navy, although in this case it almost acts as a neutral, black.