Sixth Week: Mountain Air

This week I started at mountain air, and I made sure that all of the clothes were tidy and the sizes were in order. Often times, on most days, I would find myself doing this if there was nothing else for me to do. This taught me that even though there is nothing planned to do for me, that their was still something I could do to be helpful. Even though it is tedious to thumb through the racks and arrange the clothes by size and order, It made the store more accessible to customers.

I also helped Liz change some displays throughout the store. I would have to figure out where to place the previous items in the display back in the store, and also how to arrange the new display based on the function and space. For example, I had to change a small wall in the men’s section, and wanted it to have a more summery feel. I moved out some of the long sleeve jackets and instead replaced them with boxers. I also added a shelf to better display such items as hydro flasks and hats. I also hung some brightly colored backpacks to further the summery feel.

I also got to rearrange some smaller displays, and switch out some bags and purses in the women’s section. Rotating the various items in the store to the different displays makes sure that all items have an equal chance at getting bought. Organizing the displays so they are easy to see by the customer and also easy for the costumer to to take the items down to look at them more, is also very important to keep in mind.


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