Seventh Week: Mountain Air

This week at Mountain Air, Liz decided to redo the whole women’s section in the store. She rearranged the entire layout of the racks on the floor, and we started to redo the wall display with the shelves and the racks. I helped one of the employees by taking the things she handed me down from the shelves on the wall because she was on a ladder. I then put those items back, and also helped her to move shirts and hiking pants off a rack so we could move the rack down. We placed all of the clothes on other racks in order to not make a mess of the store and to still let customers be able to shop the clothes while we were changing the wall.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t change the racks height because the spot we wanted to put it in didn’t work because a crooked crew was blocking the slot. I tried to problem-solve by getting a screwdriver to screw it in so we could put the rack in the slots, but unfortunately it didn’t work. This taught me that even though you have a vision for something and want to put it in a certain place, you will face some obstacles that will prevent you from doing that, and you instead have to improvise the layout.

This week I also helped them create a mother’s day display in front of the store. I was in charge of putting all of the men’s clothing that used to be on that table back in the store, and making sure the displays I put those clothes on still worked. I also helped some of the employees by picking some items likes socks to put on the table to go with the display. I also helped them arrange the items on the table, like the folded pants and boots. I then added some needed color to one side by propping up a bright purple backpack on the corner of the table on the floor. I was able to balance the colors and the heights/ dimensions of the items on the table display to make them look appealing to the customer.



Sixth Week: Mountain Air

This week I started at mountain air, and I made sure that all of the clothes were tidy and the sizes were in order. Often times, on most days, I would find myself doing this if there was nothing else for me to do. This taught me that even though there is nothing planned to do for me, that their was still something I could do to be helpful. Even though it is tedious to thumb through the racks and arrange the clothes by size and order, It made the store more accessible to customers.

I also helped Liz change some displays throughout the store. I would have to figure out where to place the previous items in the display back in the store, and also how to arrange the new display based on the function and space. For example, I had to change a small wall in the men’s section, and wanted it to have a more summery feel. I moved out some of the long sleeve jackets and instead replaced them with boxers. I also added a shelf to better display such items as hydro flasks and hats. I also hung some brightly colored backpacks to further the summery feel.

I also got to rearrange some smaller displays, and switch out some bags and purses in the women’s section. Rotating the various items in the store to the different displays makes sure that all items have an equal chance at getting bought. Organizing the displays so they are easy to see by the customer and also easy for the costumer to to take the items down to look at them more, is also very important to keep in mind.

Fifth Week: Blackwater

This week I helped more in the back of the store, with unpacking and hanging up new arrivals of clothes, tagging clothing, steaming the clothes, and unpacking new arrivals of jewelry. We had to open many boxes and take the clothes out the bags that came in. After I unpacked all of the clothes of one style, we made sure that the shipment matched with the order. This was important, so that we could let the store know if they sent us the wrong sizes or items. We also made sure to check the clothing for defects in case we had to send those back.

I then had the responsibility of hanging the clothes up on the hangers and making sure the clothes looked nice with the buttons buttoned and the ties tied. After that I placed the sticker tags that Erica printed out on the tags of the clothes, and I made sure to match the item type and the size that was on the sticker to the correct item. After that I steamed some of the clothes that had wrinkles from being in the boxes and bags they were shipped in.

Along with the new clothing, Blackwater also got in new shipments of jewelry. I was in charge of unpacking the new jewelry and checking that the correct amount and sizes were shipped to us. Some of the jewelry was defective, which taught me the value of quality checking all of the merchandise before putting it out in the store. I was able to let Natalie know that there were defective pieces, and we both checked all the styles to make sure that the rest were okay.