Fourth Week: Blackwater

This week I  continued at Blackwater, and did such things as steaming new arrivals of clothing, waxing the racks, and making sure the store was neat and all clothes were hanging on the racks nicely. I learned that the physical appearance of the store is really important, especially making sure that the clothes are neat and orderly. Waxing the racks might not be the most interesting job, but little things like making sure the hangers glide easily on the racks, make the customers happier and make the looking at clothes easier

Not only the presentation of the store, but also the presentation of the clothes themselves is important in making a sale. Getting rid of the wrinkles in garments, and tying ribbons or lacing up laces on clothing items make them look more appealing to a customer.

I also got to pick out an outfit, along with accessories, and dress a mannequin to be put right outside the side door. I chose a dress and some necklaces, and Mary Alice helped me chose some more necklaces that would layer nicely. This was so we could showcase many items without it being over the top. I also got to dress mannequins with outfits that Mary Alice picked out in order to showcase the new arrivals of clothing that they got in.


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