Third Week: Change of A Dress

For my last week at Change of A Dress, Diana taught me different ways to fold and hang up various clothing, in her store, and in other stores that she worked at, including Banana Republic.

First she introduced to me to a henry hanger, which is used to display an outfit without a mannequin or dress form. I had to tie the henry hanger to a normal hanger, and then I arranged a top, pants, and a sweater on the henry hanger to make it resemble an outfit, complete with accessories like a necklace and a belt.

The next day, I learned how to fold button down collared shirts different ways. Diana taught me the board folding technique with a clipboard, and how to arrange the folded shirt on top of the stack by folding the arm over and folding up the cuff. I also learned how to pin the shirts so that they would stay folded, and how to fold the shirts without the board. This helped me see that every store has a different method and expectation for the folding of their clothes, with some stores prefer certain methods over others. It also taught me that folding is not just for functionality purposes, but also a display strategy.

I was also showed how Change of A Dress hangs their clothing. Since they are a consignment store, all of their clothing pieces are different. To give her store some unity, Diana hangs all the bottoms the same way, by folding in the sides and clipping them so that they are all the width of the pants hanger. She also hangs her jeans by clipping the pant hangers to the side of the jeans so that the waistbands are facing out making it easier to see the sizing and brand. This gives the purpose of unity and ease in identifying clothes.

I had a fun time at Change of A Dress, and learned a lot of things about the industry and the goings on of retail stores. Interning at a consignment store gave me a different perspective in the world of fashion as it is very unlike any of the typical retail stores.





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