Second Week: Change of a Dress


This past week I learned a lot more in depth about merchandising and running a retail store, while also doing many things that were unique.

I barcoded many new belts that came in the first day. I was able to arrange them aesthetically by color and learned to hang them so that they the tail ends did not flop over. This taught me to think critically about how the function of a display should be just as important as its visual appearance.

This week I also put tags on many new pieces of jewelry that came in on that day. This showed me that not only is merchandising about clothing, it also involves accessories, such as jewelry, and requires attention to detail with threading thin threads of fishing line onto delicate pieces of jewelry.

On the last day this week, Diana let me pick out an outfit in the store, and showed me how to take down a mannequin, undress it and dress it. It made me realize that being in merchandising also requires a lot of physical strength, from lifting, moving, and flipping over a 70 pound mannequin, to pulling off magnetically attached arms. I had to figure out how to put on the pants and how to put on tops and jackets, and also how to accessorize and layer the clothes properly to make them look wearable. She then taught me how to pin clothing items to fit the mannequin and how to roll cuffs and tuck the shirts.


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