First Week: Change of A Dress









So I started my first week of interning as a part of my fashion merchandising class at San Luis Obispo High School this week. At first I was a little nervous, as I felt unprepared because I had never had a retail job before, and did not know what I would be doing there, but I had a general idea.

On Tuesday I started, and the store manager Diana taught me about how the store was run and how to use the computer system they have. I took clothing items and entered their descriptions and prices into the computer, then printed them on the tag printer. After I printed the stickers with the bar codes, descriptions, and sizes, I placed them on the tags that were already attached to the clothing items. This process is referred to bar coding, if I mention it later.

On Wednesday, Diana wasn’t there, but one of her employees Lisa was, who was really nice. When I got there she was bar coding and was just about to print the tags, but the printer was printing them the wrong way. I helped her try to fix the tag printer, but we weren’t really sure how, so she called the software system company, and they were able to fix it. After that she taught me how to use the steamer, and I steamed some clothes before they were to be put out on to the floor. After I finished steaming, I put size markers on the hangers, and then put them on the racks, which are organized by color, then item type: tops, skirts, jackets, pants, then dresses, and then organized by size.

On Thursday Diana was back, and we sat down and I asked her the questions on the packet and wrote down the answers. She told me how she started her boutique in Los Osos, but moved it to San Luis Obispo. She showed me on the computer system where the revenue for each month was, and the total value of all the inventory list. After that I buttoned up some clothes from a fitting room and made sure they were on the correct hangers with the size marker, and I put those clothes back on the racks. Then I started putting clothes that had been barcoded on hangers.

On Friday, another one of Diana’s employees, Alison was there, and she was also really nice. I dressed one of the mannequins that was in the store near the counter with a black lace and satin camisole and a very festive multicolored sequin jacket. After that I put size markers on hangers and then put the items that did not need to be steamed out in the store (because the steamer was broken). After that I put barcoded clothing pieces on hangers and gave them size markers. Then I did some barcoding on the computer and put the barcodes on the tags.

Overall I though my first week was very successful, and a learned a lot about the “behind the scenes” of running a retail store.